Protective put

Married Put

Type of Strategy



LT bullish      ST neutral-bearish

implied volatility



XYZ at $52.  Purchase a 45-dte $50 Put for $2.


max loss = $4 ($52-$50+$2)     

max profit = undefined 

Breakeven ~ $54     (underlying + debit paid)


Purchasing a put option to hedge an underlying position in times of short-term uncertainty with long-term bullish sentiment.

Equivalent to Married Put (Purchase Stock + Purchase ATM Put)


While holding an underlying position, purchase an ATM or slightly OTM put option.

Soi perspective

As with long calls, purchasing long puts falls into the category of net premium purchasing, and thus is not recommended.  However, when employed in defense of an underlying position, there are situations where a protective put may provide value.

If entering a time of uncertainty in a long equity position, the purchase of a protective put as a hedge to the equity may provide an adequate risk management alternative to selling the underlying outright, especially if the underlying has appreciated value subject to taxation.  Provided long-term sentiment remains positive, the protective put can carry the underlying through the uncertainty without exposure to realized tax or transaction costs.

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